Microsoft Excel Limitations and Why It’s Only the Second-Best Engineering Software: Discover the Best Alternative for Agile Collaboration and Automation

Excel Limitations and Why It's Only the Second-Best Engineering Software

Excel is an excellent data management and analysis tool, but it could be better for engineering work. Despite its widespread use, Excel has various shortcomings that make it unsuitable for engineering projects, including a lack of collaborative features and the inability to automate procedures. This post will examine why Excel is just the second-best engineering software and what options engineers have.

Excel’s limitations

Excel’s lack of collaborative tools is one of its most significant shortcomings. Excel spreadsheets are frequently saved locally or transmitted through email, making it impossible for many team members to simultaneously see and amend the same document.

This might need to be clarified and corrected, delaying the development process. Collaborative engineering software, on the other hand, allows numerous team members to work on the same document at the same time, allowing for real-time collaboration and lowering the possibility of errors.

Excel’s inability to automate procedures is another restriction. Engineers frequently use formulas and pivot tables to analyze data, but these tools may be time-consuming to set up and maintain. Collaborative engineering software, on the other hand, usually includes tools that automate data analysis and administration, allowing engineers to focus on their core jobs.

Excel’s data analysis capabilities are likewise limited. While pivot tables in Excel can give some helpful information, they are less potent than other data analysis tools. Engineers frequently want more complex analytics tools to make data-driven choices, which Excel can not give.

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Excel alternatives

Microsoft One is a spreadsheet replacement that may be used for engineering activities. SharePoint is a web-based platform that allows many users to access and change documents concurrently. However, SharePoint was not designed like other engineering programs and may require extra tools and capabilities.

These software solutions are designed for engineers and usually include real-time collaboration, automated data analysis and administration, and system interoperability. These software solutions are intended to boost efficiency and optimize the engineering process. Excel can also be used with specialized engineering applications.


For engineers, Valispace is one of the finest Excel alternatives and it might just be exactly what you’re looking for. It is a collaborative platform where you’ll be able to combine real-time requirements and the system model. And one of the most useful features is that you’ll be able to have full traceability throughout the development process.

Also, one of the most crucial aspects for engineers is that Valispace provides a centralized platform for collaboration and project management, and its features may be tailored to every project’s individual needs, resulting in better teamwork.

Its real-time requirements linking and system model features provide greater traceability throughout the development process and increase team communication.

It is suited for any project due to its user-friendly interface and versatility, and its components may be customized to match the individual demands of every project.

The automation, maintenance and inventory management, and real-time monitoring features of Valispace make it a perfect solution for hardware engineers seeking a more effective and productive approach to handling their projects.

If you’re interested and wish to learn more about Valispace’s services or book a trial, please get in touch with our experts to discuss your unique requirements and assess the suitability of our platform for your project.

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