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Read case studies on how Valispace is helping engineers from all kinds of industries build amazing things for our planet and for the cosmos. 

Fast design iterations to help clean up space

ClearSpace’s objective is to shape sustainability beyond earth. Their ClearSpace-1 mission was commissioned by ESA to remove non-functional orbiting objects and reduce their risk of collisions.

It is an immense technical challenge to design something that can capture a defunct satellite tumbling through space at over 7,000 kph.

By using Valispace, ClearSpace is able to:

  • Communicate in real-time with internal engineers and external stakeholders
  • Use a systems engineering platform that can be accessed by everyone
  • Maintain engineering budgets and manage data in one single place.

Using data insights to revolutionize EV logistics

Volta trucks are revolutionising last-mile logistics by delivering safer, more sustainable, full electric trucks to protect vulnerable road users and improve city centre environments for all. 

In Valispace, their engineers:

  • Do real time collaboration 
  • Use automated data propagation for consistent design
  • Parametrize their requirements for dynamic design engineering

Early dynamic design to ensure safe moon landing

ispace is a lunar exploration company with a vision to extend human presence into outer space. Their vision is to expand our living sphere and create a sustainable world through using the moon’s water resources. 

Their Hakuto-R mission1 launched late in 2022 and will perform a soft landing on the Moon.

In Valispace, their engineers:

  • Streamline the engineering design process
  • Automatic data propagation for consistent design 
  • Integrating with other tools

Fast Moving Companies Love Using Valispace

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what engineers themselves have to say about using Valispace.

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