Choose a pricing option that fits your needs and team size. If you’re looking for something more personalized, reach out to us. Together, we’ll find the best option for your team


€250 /user/month

  • on-premise deployment
  • SSO
  • premium support
  • on-premise training (within EU)
  • customized onboarding and setup


€150 /user/month

  • on-premise deployment
  • SSO
  • enterprise support
  • on-premise training (within EU)


€50 /user/month

  • secure cloud server
  • basic support
  • online training

Prices refer to yearly contracts with named-user seats.

Valispace ROI Calculator

How many engineers do you have in your organization?

What is the cost for one engineering hour?

How much time do your engineers spend on wasteful tasks? (updating documents, searching for values, status updates etc.)

In a typical 24 month project, how many months of delay do you usually accumulate?

Expected time savings after introducing Valispace:

Your organization loses

per year due to Project Drag in Engineering

Estimated yearly cost of Valispace for your team

Your expected ROI per year

Expected freed up Engineering Person Months per year

Other pricing options

If none of the above match your needs, take a look at our alternative options.


Find out how we can work together < 30 employees

  • Secure cloud server
  • Basic support
  • Online training
  • < 30 employees in the company/group


Find out how we can work together

  • Secure cloud server
  • Basic support
  • Online training

Company License

A fixed fee for your entire company

  • Online or On-Premise
  • Including support and training
  • Tailored to your usage-pattern