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Valispace is the smart collaboration platform for engineers

The world’s most innovative hardware companies use Valispace to keep complexity under control.


We see Valispace as the first major step into digitizing our entire engineering toolchain. By the end of that activity, we believe we will easily save 30% of or time, or even more.

Jeroen BuursinkChief Engineer

Using Valispace gives us a clear snapshot of our spacecraft, makes sure everything is up to date and significantly decreases my stress levels.

Ben HowardEngineer

We did our review of user requirements directly in Valispace. Did you imagine that requirements engineering can really be fun again?!

Thomas Grübler Co-founder of Ororatech / Forbes 30 under 30

A collaborative and data-driven
engineering software

A Data Driven Systems Engineering (DDSE) tool such as Valispace:

Manages non-CAD data & engineering values.

Integrates different software tools through one single data hub: single source of truth.

Automatically propagates changes through documents and simulations: technical change management.

Effective collaboration empowers every engineering team.

Collaborate in real-time, iterate design options, manage technical changes,
avoid mistakes. Save over 15% of your engineering costs.

Getting started with our collaborative engineering software is easy. Be up and running in minutes. Request a demo.

The new way of developing hardware.

Copy pasting crucial data is slowing you down and introducing errors. Bring your engineering workflow into the digital age with Data Driven Systems Engineering (DDSE).

Move fast with concept studies and proposals, and deliver quality results on time, on budget, on scope.

Consistent documentation

Drag and drop engineering

Automatic requirement verification

Full traceability

Automation and scripting

From concept until delivery

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