Careers at Valispace

Valispace is empowering engineers to develop complex hardware.  Enabling this relies on a team of smart and motivated individuals. We champion work smart over work hard.


Our values guide the principles in which we create our software, communicate with each other, strive for solutions and envision our future both as individuals, a team and as a company.

Full Stack Developers

We’re always looking for more developers to join the team. Our backend apps are written in Python and we use pytest. We deploy on AWS for our cloud version and we use Docker for on-premise solutions. If you have experience in full-stack development, we’d be happy to review your CV. Reach out to us at

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Spontaneous application

Do you think you can bring something to the team? If our values resonate with you and you believe you could be the next invaluable member of our team, then get in touch !

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Junior Product Owner

We are looking for a Product Owner to join our team! The Product team makes sure that we’re build a product that users will love and is responsible for the product vision, strategy, roadmap and goals. You’ll be gathering feedback from our customers as well as internal ideas and industry trends and translate ideas into user stories and features that will solve the problems of our customers.

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Business Development Internship (6 months)

Your tasks will be focused on quantifying and analyzing our existing sales funnel, setting up KPI tracking mechanisms and Dashboards, collecting information, conducting analyses, and building domain knowledge. You’ll be supporting business development in different areas of the business.

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Working at Valispace

We are committed to make the best possible tool for our users and create a fast-paced and exciting environment for our team.

 If you want to help us empower engineers to put satellites in space, build underwater data-centers, transform their way of working and enable the engineering of hardware that will define our future, then you are ready to join us to tackle the challenge!


Valispace empowers engineers to develop great products.


We want to enable leaner approaches to hardware engineering by empowering teams to develop highly complex systems and build products that seem like magic to us today.


We’ve been awarded the Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Award at ScaleUp Gala 2020
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Ambassador Programme

Want to represent Valispace in Workshops and other Educational Projects?

You can have your first international work experience with Valispace by representing our team in educational workshops and other educational initiatives. We’re looking for motivated, ambitious and proactive students who would like to embark on this journey with us.

You’re probably wondering what is in it for you…well you can read about the details here.

Send an email to to let us know why you have what it takes to be a great Valispace Ambassador.


Work Smart > Work Hard

Although a fast-paced startup requires many hours of dedicated work, our most extraordinary achievements are the ones where with limited resources, we achieve high impact:

Wherever you can, try to achieve 80% of the result with 20% of the effort (following the Pareto Principle).

Leverage existing Solutions

Standing on the shoulders of giants is the best way for a startup to succeed.

If they exist, we champion the re-use, adaptation and improvement of existing methods and tools over the invention of home-made “perfect” solutions.

Keep Exploring

We never stop being on the lookout for new and innovative solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

We know that experimenting takes time, so we make room for it in our daily work.

Collaborate and Share Knowledge

Share your knowledge, plans and problems with those around you. You can expect help and guidance from your team and you will provide it to others.

A win for the team is worth much more than any individual win.

Be Honest to Others and Yourself

Honesty is the only way to long-term success:
Be honest to those who matter, including to your team, your customers and yourself.

Practice Radical Candor to Give Feedback

Since we care for everyone on the team, we encourage giving and receiving feedback:
Praise in the open and criticize in a 1-on-1.
Feedback is embraced across all hierarchies and in all directions.

Challenge the Status Quo & Embrace Decisions

This is a fine line, but very important:
Critical thinking is necessary and desired, since it prevents us from running into the
wrong direction.
So raise your concerns and alternative solutions.
However, once a decision has been taken embrace it as the current strategy and give
your best to make it work.

More than Work

Valispace is more than a place where people interchange lifetime for salary:
We respect each other, welcome diversity and whenever we can, we accommodate
for people’s personal needs.
We work together as a team but also like to spend time together in non-work

Complexity on our Side > Complexity on User Side

Whenever making a trade between a mental burden on our users or us: choose us.

Start Small – Test – then Optimize

Always start with a Minimal Viable Product/Process (MVP) when making something
Only the feedback from users, customers, etc. will be able to tell us if we are on the
right track.
Make it nice and better when we know it is a good idea.

Make Engineers Happy, the Money will Follow

Listen to our users and make them happy.
When there is a conflict of interest between making the buyers/stakeholders or the
users happy, choose the users.
Only a great product that helps people solve their problems will lead to a sustainable

When Necessary, get Your Hands Dirty

Roles and responsibilities ease our daily work.
However when the situation demands it, it is everyone’s responsibility to roll up their
sleeves and get things done.

Share your Decision Process

To take important decisions: gather relevant all opinions, take a decision and bear the
Then share the result and your rationale, so that even if others don’t agree they get

Be a Mentor

Our team consists of human beings that are learning. They are our most valuable asset.
Guide them, share knowledge and experience, have an open ear and help them develop
personally and professionally.