A Guide to the Best Requirements Management Tools of 2023 (for Hardware Engineers)

Requirements Management in Aerospace Engineering

A Summary of Requirements Management Tools

Requirements management is essential to software development, especially in complicated hardware engineering. It is the process of identifying, documenting, and tracking project requirements to ensure they are met throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Implementing a requirements management solution can significantly improve this procedure’s efficiency and efficacy.

There are various types of requirements management solutions on the market, each with its unique set of features and capabilities. Some tools, for example, concentrate on requirement traceability, while others focus on change management.

When assessing a tool’s suitability for a complex hardware engineering project, factors such as its ability to handle large and complex requirements, link requirements with other project artefacts, and integrate with other tools used in the development process must all be considered.

Overview of the Requirements Management Software Market

There are various solutions available on the market for requirements management tools. Jama Software, IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next, and Valispace are among the most popular solutions. Each of these tools has its unique set of features and capabilities; determining which is the best fit for a specific project can be difficult.

Jama Software is a well-known program that provides comprehensive requirements management features. It’s a web-based application that lets users develop, organize, and track requirements. It also includes several collaboration and reporting tools, making it an excellent choice for teams working on large and complex projects.

Another typical product in the hardware engineering sector is IBM Rational DOORS. It is a compelling solution that provides extensive requirements management capabilities such as requirements traceability and change management. It also interfaces with other IBM engineering tools, making it an excellent choice for companies that currently use IBM engineering tools.

Valispace, on the other hand, stands out from the competition. It is a cutting-edge requirements management tool created exclusively for hardware engineering projects. It provides a unique set of capabilities not available in other tools, such as real-time linkage of requirements and the system model, allowing for improved cooperation and comprehension of the system’s overall design. It also has an easy-to-use interface, making it simple for teams to learn and apply the application.

See here why ClearSpace engineers love Valispace’s “ease of use and intuitiveness of the platform”.

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5 best Requirements Management Tools for Complex Hardware Engineering in 2023


Valispace is a software tool designed for requirements engineering in complex projects. It allows teams to manage and trace requirements, BOMs and interfaces, and also to collaborate on design and testing.
Valispace is the only solution here that links requirements (and components) to technical data and engineering values. Meaning that if requirement parameters change somewhere in the project, you’ll automatically see the effect that this has on the overall system.

Speak with our experts and see how Valispace fits in to your engineering workflow today.

IBM Rational DOORS

IBM Rational DOORS is a widely used requirements management system that offers a range of features such as traceability, impact analysis, and requirements management. It is used by all engineers that need to manage complex, technical projects.

Jama Software

Jama Software also has capabilities like traceability, collaboration, and impact analysis. It is well suited for engineers that need to manage large, complex projects.


ReqView offers a range of features such as traceability, collaboration, and impact analysis. It is good solution for engineers that need to manage large, complex projects and need to collaborate with remote teams.
ReqView may not be as well suited for projects with a high degree of technical complexity and may not offer all the functionalities as other more complex tools.

Helix RM

Helix RM offers traceability, collaboration, and impact analysis. It is a good platform for requirements for all engineering companies and can integrate with other tools such as JIRA, Confluence, and more.
Helix RM may not be suitable for product development with a great deal of technical intricacy, and might not provide all the features that other more complete requirements tools do.

Valispace: An Ingenious Solution

Valispace is a ground-breaking requirements management solution created exclusively for challenging hardware engineering projects. It is a cloud-based solution that provides a variety of capabilities to assist teams in adequately managing their requirements. Valispace’s unique selling point is the ability to link requirements to technical data.
This feature allows teams to ensure that all requirements are linked to engineering values and that any numerical data can be read and analyzed as such, rather than as flat text data. This means that if any changes are made to your system, Valispace can automatically calculate whether this violates any of your project requirements.

Less work for your engineers, smarter insights for your project managers!

Valispace also has an easy-to-use UI that allows teams to understand and use the application quickly.

It also includes a variety of management capabilities like:

  • Requirement gathering
  • Change management
  • & Test case management

These capabilities assist teams in managing and keeping requirements up to date, which is critical for ensuring that the final product meets all requirements.

Valispace has been used successfully in various complicated hardware engineering projects (for companies such as Volta Trucks, Airbus, Heart Aerospace, and many many more) and is an excellent requirement management software.

How Valispace Can Help Your Project

When selecting Valispace for your project, evaluating its applicability to your specific requirements is critical. This can be accomplished by discussing your project specifications with the Valispace team and understanding how the tool’s features and capabilities correspond with those specifications.

Valispace also provides customized solutions for specific tasks. The team can collaborate with you to understand your particular demands and build a tailored solution to fulfil those goals. This ensures that the tool is personalized to your project’s needs and will produce the most significant outcomes.

You can schedule a call with Valispace’s staff to learn more about how they might help your project. You can discuss your project’s requirements in further detail during the conversation, and the team can offer you more information about how Valispace can satisfy those objectives.

What should you do next?

Finally, requirements management is a critical component of software development, especially in complicated hardware engineering.

If you need a requirements management tool for a complex hardware engineering project, we highly recommend Valispace.

Schedule a call with a Valispace expert today to discover more about how the tool can help your project, elevate your engineering requirements, and bring your product to market faster.

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