How to Do Requirements Verification and Validation in IBM DOORS®

How to Do Requirements Verification and Validation in IBM DOORS

Requirements Verification and Validation (V&V) is a process of evaluating the requirements to ensure that they meet the specified needs and expectations. 

Requirements V&V can be done in IBM DOORS®, but it’s usually a frustrating and lengthy proces. 

To perform V&V in IBM DOORS®, the following steps can be followed:

  1. Define the V&V objectives: Identify the key requirements that need to be verified and validated, and establish the V&V criteria for each requirement. 
  2. Prepare the V&V plan: Develop a plan that outlines the approach, methods, and tools that will be used to verify and validate the requirements. 
  3. Conduct the verification activities: Verify that the requirements are complete, accurate, and consistent, and that they do not contain any contradictions or ambiguities.
  4. Conduct the validation activities: Validate that the requirements meet the customer needs and expectations by testing them in a simulated or real-world environment. 
  5. Document the results: Document the results of the V&V activities, including any issues or deviations found, and the resolution or corrective actions taken. 
  6. Close the V&V activities: Close the V&V activities by ensuring that all the objectives have been met and that all the requirements have been successfully verified and validated.


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