How to Break Down Requirements in IBM DOORS ® 

How to Break Down Requirements in IBM DOORS

Breaking down requirements is an important step in the requirements management process that helps to clarify, prioritize, and organize the requirements. 

It can be done in IBM DOORS, but has been described as a clunky and frustrating experience for systems engineers. 

Here are the basic steps to breaking down requirements in IBM DOORS® :

  1. Define the requirements hierarchy: Organize the requirements into different levels of detail. You can create parent-child relationships between requirements to show the relationships between high-level requirements and more detailed requirements.
  2. Assign attributes to the requirements: Assign attributes to each requirement, such as a unique ID, name, description, status, priority, and so on. You can use these attributes to provide more information about each requirement and to help organize the requirements. 
  3. Create links between requirements: You can use links in IBM DOORS®  to connect related requirements, such as traceability links between high-level requirements and low-level requirements.  
  4. Divide complex requirements: To make these requirements more manageable, you can divide them into smaller, more manageable requirements. This can help to clarify the requirements and make it easier to track the progress of each requirement. 
  5. Prioritize the requirements: IBM DOORS®  provides tools for prioritizing the requirements, such as setting the priority level for each requirement and creating a priority matrix. This can help to identify the most important requirements and to focus on the requirements that are critical to the success of the project.


But instead of using IBM DOORS®  for requirements management, you could use a tool that connects components and requirements to technical values and do proper parametric design.

See how requirements are broken down in Valispace with this detailed step by step guide. 


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