How to Do Early Design Studies in Excel for Engineers: A General Overview

How to Do Early Design Studies in Excel for Engineers


Here’s a general overview of how to do early design studies for complex engineering in excel. 

  1. Define the Problem: Clearly define the design problem that the early design study will address.
  2. Identify Requirements: Identify the requirements that the design must meet, including performance specifications, safety requirements, and cost constraints.
  3. Create a Design Space: Create a design space by generating a list of potential design solutions that meet the requirements.
  4. Evaluate Alternatives: Evaluate the alternatives in the design space by performing calculations, simulations, or other analyses to determine the feasibility and performance of each option.
  5. Compare Results: Compare the results of the evaluations to determine which design options are the most promising.
  6. Refine the Design: Refine the design by making adjustments based on the results of the evaluations and incorporating feedback from stakeholders.
  7. Repeat the Process: Repeat the process of evaluating and refining the design until a satisfactory solution is found.


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