Requirements Management and IPD: Understanding the Role of Valispace in Integrated Product Development

Requirements Management and IPD: Understanding the Role of Valispace in Integrated Product Development

Understanding Integrated Product Development

The process of designing, developing, and manufacturing a new product is known as integrated product development (IPD).

IPD’s purpose is to build a product that fits the client’s needs and is lucrative for the company. Several disciplines, such as engineering, design, manufacturing, and marketing, must be combined to achieve a cohesive and efficient product development process.

One of the most critical aspects of IPD is requirements management. It entails identifying, documenting, and tracking the needs and constraints of the product under development and is crucial whilst planning and mapping out the early stage  design process. Performance specifications, design limitations, and quality standards are non-functional requirements. Requirements management is crucial to the success of IPD (and in fact, any new product development) because it guarantees that the product being developed fits the client’s needs while remaining within the project’s limits.

Managing requirements in an IPD project, on the other hand, can be challenging. The complexity of the development process, the involvement of several team members from various disciplines, and the ongoing need to react to new requirements make keeping track of all requirements difficult.

This might result in:

  • Delays
  • Additional expenditures
  • Finished product failing to meet customer demands

Valispace’s & Requirements Management for Integrated Product Development (IPD)

Valispace is a an engineering tool that is a cloud-based platform and enables hardware engineering teams to organize and track requirements in real-time while also connecting them to the system model.

This allows teams to recognize and resolve issues more readily, enhance communication and collaboration, and ensure that the final product satisfies the client’s needs. The capacity of Valispace to link requirements and the system model in real time is its unique selling feature (USP). This feature allows teams to ensure that all requirements are linked to engineering values and that any numerical data can be read and analyzed as such, rather than as flat text data. This means that if any changes are made to your system, Valispace can automatically calculate whether this violates any of your project requirements.

Less work for your engineers, smarter insights for your project managers!

Valispace has many other advantages for IPD projects:

  • The platform makes it simple for teams to track and manage requirements throughout the development process, ensuring that the final product satisfies the client’s expectations.
  • It makes it easier for teams to recognize and resolve problems early in the product design stages, improving the development process’s overall efficiency.
  • Valispace’s real-time collaboration features to aid in communication and delay reduction, which can help to decrease costs and increase time-to-market.

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Assessing Your Project’s Suitability

A few crucial aspects to consider while evaluating Valispace’s applicability for your IPD project. First, you must assess whether your project includes creating a complex physical product. Valispace is built mainly for hardware development needs and may not be an excellent fit for software development initiatives.

It’s also critical to assess the scope and complexity of your project. Valispace is ideal for large, complicated IPD projects, including several team members from various disciplines. Other technologies may be more appropriate if your project is smaller in scope or less complex.

Finally, keep in mind the specific requirements of your project. Valispace is highly adaptable, and the company provides a wide range of tailored solutions to satisfy the particular needs of each project.

To determine Valispace’s suitability for your project, schedule a call with a Valispace expert to discuss your specific goals and requirements.

Is there a fit between Valispace and your project?

Valispace is a requirements management application that can work well in IPD projects, notably hardware development. Its distinctive selling point is its ability to link requirements and system models in real-time and its real-time collaboration function, which aids in communication and reduces development delays.

Valispace can help you accelerate your development process, enhance communication, and eliminate delays by giving all stakeholders (from engineer to shareholder) a complete overview of the project status. The size, complexity, and special needs of your project determine Valispace’s applicability for your IPD project.

To learn more about how Valispace can help your project, schedule a call with the company to discuss your specific objectives and requirements.

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