It’s hard to believe that in 2021, even the most complex and futuristic of hardware development projects are often not carried out with agile or lean methodologies. This has prompted us at Valispace to create a manifesto that urges engineering companies to start innovating and make the switch to data driven engineering.

In the manifesto, we list 5 commandments for joining innovators who are already working the new way. They are:

1) What can be automated, should be. 

2) Data-based tool chains beat document based processes.

3) Automatic design consistency checks prevent the most costly product quality issues.

4) Empowered, smart engineers are the most valuable asset of digital champions.

5) Good decisions are based on real-time insights.

Lean engineering practices like these are already employed by some of the most groundbreaking and successful companies working in systems engineering across multiple industries. 

If these methods are adopted by the engineering industries en masse, the potential for designing and developing influential hardware is massive. The thought of what such a large scale move towards digitization in the hardware space could do to enhance the lives of 7 billion (and counting) humans, is a thoroughly exciting prospect.

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