Space Perspective and Valispace Partner to Bring Commercial Space Flight One Step Closer to Reality

Valispace and Space Perspective, a space travel company, are pleased to announce a partnership, leveraging Valispace’s engineering design and management software to develop Space Perspective’s reusable spacecraft, Spaceship Neptune.

Through this strategic collaboration, the organizations will work together to innovate and transform the future of human space flight, making space safely accessible to people around the world.

Space Perspective utilizes Valispace to design its balloon-borne pressurized passenger capsule, which will carry up to eight “explorers” and research payloads to the edge of space, to an altitude of 30,000 meters. Using an iterative approach to design and test the hardware, Space Perspective is able to advance the end-to-end capabilities of its systems before beginning crewed testing.

“How we’re developing works really well with Valispace,” said Co-CEO of Space Perspective, Taber MacCallum. He continues, “as the test results start to come in, we can iteratively change the next vehicle that we are building, and the vehicle after that. Valispace allows us to inherit properties from the last vehicle into the next, which is key to our overall progress.”

An illustration of the crew capsule, Spaceship Neptune, in flight.

Space Perspective, which announced its plans to fly passengers and research payloads in a press conference on June 18, 2020, is committed to making space more affordable and open to a larger audience. The first test flight, scheduled to take place in early 2021, will test the Neptune vehicle through its full flight profile to the edge of space for a duration of six hours.

“This collaboration marks an important milestone in our relationship with the space industry, and we are proud to offer our services to help increase access to space for all,” said Louise Lindblad, Co-founder and COO of Valispace. She continues, “By extending our expertise in hardware development and validation, we can support innovative companies propel the space industry forward.”

Valispace uses a single source of truth to enable concurrent engineering along the life-cycle of a product, from requirements to detailed design, up to verification. The software enables hardware companies to manage and keep complexity under control. While Space Perspective will give passengers a new perspective into our world, Valispace will give engineers a new perspective into collaborative systems engineering.

For more information about Space Perspective, visit Space Perspective’s Website

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