Is IBM DOORS Suitable for Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)?

IBM DOORS® is a requirement management tool that is primarily used for capturing, organizing, and tracking requirements for software and hardware systems. 

It is not necessarily designed for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), which involves using a model-based approach to systems engineering. 

Some reasons why IBM DOORS® may not be suitable for MBSE include:

  1. Lack of modeling capabilities: IBM DOORS® primarily focuses on text-based requirements and does not have built-in modeling capabilities. MBSE, on the other hand, relies on graphical models to represent systems, their components, and the relationships between them.
  2. Inflexible data structure: IBM DOORS® has a rigid data structure that may not be suitable for the dynamic and iterative nature of MBSE. MBSE involves continuous refinement of the system model and its associated requirements, which may not be easy to do in IBM DOORS®.
  3. Limited visualization options: IBM DOORS® does not offer extensive visualization options, which are critical for understanding and communicating the results of MBSE activities. MBSE requires the ability to visually represent systems and their relationships, which may not be possible in IBM DOORS®.
  4. No support for system simulation: IBM DOORS® does not support system simulation, which is a critical aspect of MBSE. MBSE requires the ability to simulate systems and their behavior, which is not possible in IBM DOORS.

These are some of the reasons why IBM DOORS® may not be suitable for MBSE.

But instead of using IBM DOORS® for requirements management, you could use a tool that connects components and requirements to technical values and do proper parametric design.

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