Connect requirements to manufacturing data with Valispace & Duro

Duro offers a cloud-native PLM platform to centralize BOMs, change orders and revisions. Integrate Valispace directly with Duro to synchronize requirements specs with design and manufacturing data.

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Changes to requirements in Valispace will be automatically reflected in your Bill of Materials and supply chain data in Duro. 

Maintain product compliance throughout the lifecycle with Duro & Valispace

Reduce manual data input and potential errors

Real-time (BOM) and supply chain data fed directly to the operations teams allows work planning to be efficient and quick in getting parts made.

This allows for:

  • Automatic validation of requirements data to check for duplication and component availability.
  • Real-time data on component and lead times and prices to quickly check that designs can be built on schedule.
  • Less delays and faster time to market

Catch issues early and minimize revisions

Synchronize component requirements with design data to improve design accuracy and reduce rework later.

This means:

  • Prevention of data inconsistencies
  • Ensure products stay on track
  • Faster time to market

Improved collaboration between requirements engineers, project managers, and design engineers

Your engineers from different departments can ensure that they are always working with the correct and most up-to-date data without the need for long email communication.

This means:

  • The whole team having access to the latest requirements data and designs
  • Feedback any ECOs directly to the requirements team to understand how it might impact the original specifications
  • Less delays and time wasted spent on information retrieval

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Watch the video from Iteration22 below where the heads of Valispace, Synera, Epsilon3 and Duro Labs give their thoughts on how best to structure hardware engineering teams. 

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