Open Innovation against COVID-19

As the world fights an unprecedented crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Valispace have reflected on the collective responsibility of our society at large, in fighting this. Realizing the power of collaboration, we believe that combined efforts can tackle the frontline problems facing medical professionals today. Apart from taking pre-emptive actions to ensure the safety of everyone at Valispace, we have also dedicated ourselves to help in this fight by setting up an internal COVID-19 Task Force.


Valispace is a proud sponsor of CoVent-19 – A Virtual Co-Development and Innovation Challenge.

Founded by engineers and anesthesiology residents, the CoVent-19 Challenge will be a completely virtual open moonshot competition to develop a rapidly deployable mechanical ventilation solution. To know more or participate in the challenge click here.

Valispace is also supporting several independent engineering teams from the open-source community.

Get Started

We are making available, a ventilator project template and a comprehensive list of requirements from the open-sourced Medtronic open ventilator, to give you just what you need to build your own open-ventilator.

The ventilator project is available on a dedicated deployment for everyone to use. Log in with the following credentials to get a quick view.
username : guest
password: fightcovid19

What we offer

By leveraging our long-term experience with collaborative engineering and harnessing the power of open innovation, the task force is focused on supporting innovators to rapidly build complex medical equipment critical to the current crisis.

Initiatives, projects and teams building open-source medical devices will be provided with free and full access to our smart engineering collaboration platform. 

Valispace will also provide technical support for engineering modeling of these medical devices in Valispace.

Why Valispace?

We bring our learnings and expertise in efficient collaborative engineering from the aerospace sector to help you fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Valispace, it becomes easier for the innovators to develop engineering solutions collaboratively and to disseminate the designs to a broader community more seamlessly. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the problem that faces us, we believe that the design data for these crucial devices be organized for the manufacturers and end-users to use effectively and immediately. Maintaining a single-source-of-truth along with the requirements and progress tracking is critical in developing the necessary sophisticated equipment.

Take a quick look at Valispace in this introductory video.

Are you building ventilators or other medical devices to help fight against COVID-19?

We will also be glad to help you with your specific project. Reach out to us at An army of developers and engineers are ready to support you to realize your great engineering project, every step of the way.

To know more about Valispace’s COVID-19 task force, or to know how you can help us, write to us at