AEP connects those planning tasks with those executing them, creating realistic expectations. Plan, do, check and act while you’re on the go, making unrealistic plans and schedules a thing of the past. Let the team own their project schedule.

Any changes are reflected on the overall planning, notifying relevant team members and showing everyone the path to reach your team’s goals. Your crucial engineering data is kept in a centralized and agile collaboration system, maintaining full traceability, elegantly streamlining your hardware development.

Bring all your crucial engineering data together to plan and streamline hardware development in a decentralized, agile collaboration system while maintaining full traceability.

  • Fast and powerful planning
  • Live status updates from your stakeholders on the state of execution
  • Manage the impact of changes immediately
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Discussions, Notifications and Task Management
  • Collaborative planning combined with traditional top down planning