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Showcasing 6 common engineering flows

Specifying a product

Build a system overview and ensure that your developed products meet stakeholder requirement in order to:

Unique to Valispace

  • Automated iterations on requirements
  • Connection to design parameters
  • Visual traceability of requirements

Designing systems

Create a digital model of your system that allows you to ideate, make trade-off decisions, optimize against constraints and keep iterating on the design until your product meets the needs of stakeholders. This enables you to:

Unique to Valispace

  • Quick design iterations
  • Make informed trade-offs based on requirement constraints 
  • Increased traceability on calculations and design changes
  • Up to date design inputs and outputs

Product Verification

Test and evaluate your product and ensure that it meets design specifications, complies with industry standards & regulations, and performs as intended. Test, simulate, and inspect your way to a fully verified product.

Unique to Valispace

  • Automatic design verification
  • Live progress reports and dashboards
  • Verification effort forecast
  • Always up-to-date verification state

Review & converge

Efficiently converge on a design that meets the intended requirements and satisfies needs and expectations.  Use Valispace to review and analyze requirements, the system model, or test results to identify issues, risks, or improvements before convergence.

Unique to Valispace

  • Faster reviews
  • Real time comments and discussions
  • Baseline comparisons

Manage product portfolio

Create a shared model of all product variants and their requirements, components and design parameters to identify and track changes to budgets and baselines. 

Unique to Valispace

  • Shared catalog of requirements and components
  • Automatic data propagation between product variants
  • Assess impact across multiple projects

Engineering Project Management

Ensure the successful completion of complex hardware engineering projects. Use Valispace to plan, track progress, and communicate with internal and external stakeholders to deliver world changing products in time and on budget.

Unique to Valispace

  • Auto-updating progress reports
  • Bottom-up planning of engineering work
  • Real-time visibility into the projects progress
  • Predict project timeline and success with critical path

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