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AI suggestions for requirement titles in Valispace 

Effective management of requirements is crucial in systems engineering. To aid in this process, Valispace has introduced a new Custom Action template that automatically suggests titles for requirements. 

This tool streamlines the task of naming requirements, allowing engineers to focus more on core engineering work.

It utilizes automation to enhance organization and efficiency in documenting and managing project requirements.


Engineering example of giving titles to requirements

Imagine a burgeoning aerospace engineering firm that specializes in designing and manufacturing commercial drones. Their projects typically involve complex, multi-disciplinary requirements, each necessitating clear identification and categorization for effective team collaboration and compliance with aviation regulations.

In one of their flagship projects, the company is developing a new line of drones intended for both commercial photography and environmental monitoring. 

The project encompasses a vast array of requirements, from aerodynamic design specifications to camera system integrations and environmental impact assessments.

Given the project’s scope, each requirement must be precisely defined and easily identifiable. 

For instance, a requirement related to the drone’s battery life might be titled “Battery Endurance Standard for Drone Series.” This specific title instantly informs team members that the requirement deals with battery performance standards specific to the drone series.

Similarly, a requirement focusing on the drone’s camera resolution for environmental monitoring might be titled “Camera Resolution Specification for Environmental Imaging.” This title clearly delineates the requirement’s focus on the camera system, specifically tailored for environmental imaging tasks.


Benefits of giving titles to requirements for engineering companies

  • Streamlined Documentation Process: It significantly reduces the manual effort involved in documentation allowing engineers to focus on more critical aspects of their projects rather than spending time on administrative tasks.
  • Consistent Requirement Categorization: This template ensures that all requirements are titled in a uniform manner, enhancing the clarity and coherence of project documentation. This consistency is particularly beneficial in collaborative environments where multiple teams or departments access and contribute to the same project.
  • Improved Project Management and Tracking: With well-defined and consistently titled requirements, project managers can more easily track the progress and status of various components within a project. 


How to get requirement title suggestions from the AI ValiAssistant

Follow these steps:

  • Head to the requirements module
  • Select the requirements that you’d like to get title suggestions for
  • Find the custom actions tab in the ValiAssistant
  • Select requirement title suggestion
  • Job done, it’s as easy as that. Now your selected requirements have title suggestions from the ValiAssistant, ready to approve (or not). 


What are Custom Action templates?

Custom Actions in Valispace simplify some of the mundane and time consuming tasks inherent to requirements engineering. This feature, harnessing Python, Valispace’s Rest API, and AI, allows users to automate tasks directly within their project workflows. 

By linking these actions to different project objects, including requirements and components, Valispace enhances efficiency and adaptability when developing complex machines that matter.

Custom Actions are designed to be user-friendly, catering to both skilled coders with an open scripting module, and those with limited programming experience with pre-built Custom Action templates in the ValiAssistant.

Here are more custom action templates you can use with in the ValiAssistant in Valispace today:

  • Translate requirements to any language
  • Check the quality of multiple requirements
  • Categorize requirements into types (functional, performance, system)
  • Produce a document of inconsistencies in a requirement list
  • Automatic generation of test procedures

And here’s how to make use of the scripting module to create your own customized automations that are unique to your own project by using Python. 


Take advantage of templated Custom Actions with our AI ValiAssistant . 

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