Valispace releases world’s first AI engineering assistant

We’re pleased to announce the ValiAssistant (beta), an AI powered engineering assistant that helps the developers of complex hardware technologies that will change the world (think carbon capture machines, hydrogen airplanes, and Earth observation satellites) build their ideas much faster, and much better.

The ValiAssistant is the result of an integration with open AI, unlocking the power of chatGPT inside Valispace to give instant engineering insights and workflow improvements through continuous conversation with the ValiAssistant. Currently, the ValiAssistant can:

  • Populate a whole workspace full of functional & non functional requirements, components, mass budgets, and performance parameters from a single idea
  • Suggest improvements to 1000s of requirements instantly to avoid badly written and vague engineering requirements
  • Find and remove inconsistencies in projects with 10s of 1000s of requirements
  • Parametrize requirements to give them technical values that can be linked throughout the project

The focus of the beta launch of the ValiAssistant is around requirements engineering, but future releases will improve its powers of suggestion. The ValiAssistant will give constant ideas and insights (far beyond what is possible from a human) to improve the performance and capability of whatever engineers choose to build in Valispace.


“Our new AI-Powered ValiAssistant capabilities will be a game-changer for engineers to boost their productivity and efficiency. At Valispace, we know that engineers are the driving force behind innovation, and we are very excited to empower our users to bring their innovative ideas to life even faster”

Louise Lindblad, CPO at Valispace

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