Sponsoring student workshops and competitions

We like to sponsor student workshops and competitions where engineering design innovative products. Last July we sponsored the Space Station Design Workshop in Stuttgart, where engineering students used Valispace to design a manned space system and mission in a hands-on workshop environment.

If you want us to sponsor your workshop, contact us in the form below or by email!

Space Exploration and Development Systems

SEEDS is focused on the human and robotic exploration of space and on the related missions, systems, and technologies. It aims at providing the students with the core applied physics and engineering skills required to develop space systems and missions from initial concept through design, assembly and verification, to launch and operations.

BUoyancy Balloon Bus Lifted Experiments

The aim of the program is to enable the implementation of experiments in the stratosphere at low cost and with relatively little effort. Both internal KSat experiments (e.g. component tests for small satellites) and external payloads are flown.

Rocket Experiment Division

At RED four teams devoted to Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Structures & Materials and Telemetry are collaborating together in the construction of Aurora, an operational sounding rocket which aims to reach 3km and meet the specifications of college rocket competitions where they hope to compete in the near future.


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