In space engineering, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a game changer, revolutionizing how engineers approach design, decision-making, and innovation. In a recent webinar with Payload Space‘s Jack Kuhr, Marco Witzmann, co-founder of Valispace, delved into the practical applications of AI in engineering, particularly in space projects.

AI as an Engineering Co-Pilot

Valispace, an engineering software company, is at the forefront of integrating AI into engineering workflows. The ValiAssistant, an AI-powered tool in Valispace, acts more like a co-pilot rather than a replacement for human ingenuity. This approach ensures that engineers maintain control over the creative process, leveraging AI for enhanced efficiency and innovation.

Streamlining Design and Verification

The ValiAssistant in Valispace simplifies tasks such as identifying inconsistencies in requirements, enhancing requirement quality, and assisting in system decomposition. It suggests options, but engineers have the final say, ensuring that AI augments human expertise rather than replaces it.

The Future of Engineering: Collaborative and Iterative

Marco predicts that by the end of 2024, every knowledge worker in the space industry will have some interaction with AI-assisted tools. These tools are set to bring a new level of efficiency and innovation, shortening development cycles and enabling more creative engineering solutions.

Valispace’s Unique Approach

Valispace’s unique blend of AI and engineering expertise is evident in its handling of complex projects. For instance, the platform can connect to simulation tools for continuous verification of design against requirements, thereby closing the feedback loop rapidly. This capability is critical in industries like aerospace, where precision and adherence to specifications are paramount.

Looking Ahead: AI in Space Engineering

The integration of AI in space engineering is expected to unlock new possibilities. From optimizing satellite deployment to aiding in the development of lunar bases, AI tools like those offered by Valispace have the potential to reshape the space industry.

The Role of Human Expertise

Despite the advancements in AI, Marco emphasizes the importance of human expertise. The future he envisions is one where engineers collaborate with AI, harnessing its power to explore more design options and make better-informed decisions.

Enhancing Engineering Creativity and Efficiency

AI’s Role in Eliminating Mundane Tasks: Witzmann highlighted how AI in engineering, particularly with Valispace’s AI assistant, helps in “taking some of the mundane tasks out of your hand” which allows engineers to focus on more innovative aspects of their projects.

AI in Decision Making and Problem Solving

AI as a Decision-Support Tool: Discussing the role of AI in decision-making, Witzmann remarked, “It’s really about doing fast iterations… AI really helps you make decisions better.” This aspect underlines AI’s potential in helping engineers make more informed and effective choices during the design process.

The Future of AI in Engineering

Continuous Evolution of AI Capabilities: Witzmann observed the rapid evolution of AI, stating, “Today we’re able to get better results… this is us learning from how Engineers are using our functionalities.” This statement reflects the adaptive nature of AI tools and their continuous improvement based on user feedback.

Valispace’s Distinctive Approach

Integration of AI with Existing Engineering Processes: Marco explained, “Valispace’s unique blend of AI and engineering expertise is evident in its handling of complex projects.” This insight shows Valispace’s strategy of integrating AI into existing workflows rather than replacing them, enhancing the overall engineering process.

AI’s Limitations and Human Oversight

The Need for Human Oversight: Emphasizing the limitations of AI, Marco said, “You should not take that step back and and take this autonomy out from people.” This quote underscores the necessity of human expertise and oversight in engineering, despite AI’s advancements.


Collaborative Future of AI and Human Expertise: Summarizing the future of AI in engineering, Witzmann envisioned a scenario where “you have these deep experts… being able to collaborate together with that AI.” This vision encapsulates the synergistic relationship between AI and human engineers in future projects.

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