Citadel Space Systems uses Valispace to Design Cubesats for Science and Interplanetary Exploration

BREMEN, GERMANY (November 3, 2020) –  Citadel Space Systems, a small spacecraft engineering company, is utilizing Valispace’s engineering design and management software to design cubesats for scientific and interplanetary exploration missions. 

Citadel Space Systems is revolutionizing the nanosatellite industry by providing reliable and affordable cubesat platforms, and enabling deep space science missions which are typically reserved for high-cost and high-reliability spacecrafts.  Founded by Ben Cartwright, a Spacecraft Systems and Electronics Engineer, and Julian Fernandez, an Engineering and Project Manager, Citadel Space Systems was established to meet the demand for advanced nanosatellite capabilities in a rapidly growing space industry. With operations and partnerships across the United Kingdom, Spain, and United States, the distributed team relies on Valispace to manage its design, testing, and documentation processes. 

“Before Valispace we were working with a lot of disjointed tools,” says Cartwright, “A lot of our modeling was in spreadsheets, which is not the easiest to link together when you have several different sheets. On top of that, we had additional modeling in General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT), and were manually exporting the reports from that, and using that data manually. Valispace is a way of tying all of that together. We are able to centralize all of our data and track our procedures properly.” 

Citadel Space Systems adopted Valispace as the primary tool for collaboration and data management following a recommendation and demonstration of the software. According to Cartwright, the team quickly realized and reaped the benefits of a centralized database and concurrent access, using a single source of truth. The result is a more agile and cohesive development process across the globe.

“It’s crucial to have a solid foundation to be able to streamline operations and scale up rapidly in today’s competitive market. Our software is designed to help new startups enter niche and unexplored markets with good practices and agility from the get go.” says Louise Lindblad, COO and co-founder of Valispace. 

Citadel Space Systems is one of the many newcomers to the smallsat space industry relying on Valispace to address the challenges of teleworking and engineering hardware development. As Citadel Space Systems enables small spacecraft to realise their full potential, Valispace will support the team by providing seamless end-to-end development capability.

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