Concurrent design embodies team values of cooperation, trust and sharing in such a manner that decision-making is by all, involving all perspectives in parallel, from the beginning of the product life-cycle.

Valispace allows multidisciplinary teams to truly work together: giving a digital home to your project data creates the right foundation to work smarter and more efficiently.

Work on the same data across product development phases:

  • Conquer early phase designs in days instead of weeks, prototypes in customers’ hands in weeks instead of months.
  • Provide a Single-Source-Of-Truth for later project phases, allowing for Agile Hardware Development

Connect your team for concurrent design:

  • Simultaneously connect your entire team to one design platform where design variables from all disciplines are stored
  • Quick iterations of overall systems concept and easy trade-offs between overall system concepts, subsystems or components
  • Take a systematic approach to integrated product development that emphasises the response to customer expectations. 
  • Deploy a configured, version-controlled repository of all engineering data, that connects seemlessly to existing tools.