Recap: Executive Space Course ESC20 Lisbon

Valispace is proud to have partnered with the International Space University (ISU) and Portugal Space (PT Space) to deliver a unique workshop on the principles of concurrent engineering, at the NOVA School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal.

Left to right: Hugo Costa (Director of PT Space), Supreet Kaur (MBSE at Valispace, ISU MSS20), Chiara Manfletti (President of PT Space), Manuel Heitor (Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education), Dr. Tejumola Taiwo Raphael (Professor of Space Applications at ISU), and Juan de Dalmau (President of ISU)

Valispace has a long relationship with ISU, going back to the Summer Space Program (SSP) in 2019, attended by co-founder and COO Louise Lindblad. Since 2019, Valispace has a history of working with ISU to deliver lectures and workshops on concurrent systems engineering to an interdisciplinary, international, intercultural cohort of students on designing a sustainable lunar base.

This year, both ISU and Valispace adapted their relationship and lecture delivery, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, to continue providing meaningful and educational content to students. A new workshop was created to inspire students to use Earth Observation (EO) data to study the impacts of global warming on Earth using a 6U CubeSat.

The See the Sea Cubesat workshop is designed with both engineers and non-engineers in mind to help them understand what it takes to design satellite components, write requirements, analyze mission budgets, and compete in the era of commercial space.

The workshop at the Executive Space Course 2020 (ESC20) began with a brief lecture on systems and concurrent engineering, delivered remotely by Stefan Siarov. In-person ESC20 participants worked in teams of 3-4, led by Supreet Kaur, while the remote participants worked in a hybrid team instructed by Tatjana Mandil.

Supreet Kaur (front row) pictured with ESC20 participants post-workshop
ESC20 participants after the successful completion of the Sea the Sea Cubesat workshop

Valispace looks forward to future collaboration with PT Space and ISU, in enabling Portugal to establish and fortify its presence as a space-faring nation and educating the future leaders of the space industry. Our heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of ESC20.

Graduates and organizers of ESC20

– Nova School of Business & Economics

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