The best place for your engineering data.
Valispace is a browser-based software that enables engineers
to collaboratively design better complex Hardware Products.

No more copy-paste.

No more Excel-engineering.

No more “calculation_version2_final_3.xls”.

Valispace is a browser-based software which enables engineers to collaboratively design complex hardware products, such as satellites, rockets, submarines, etc.

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In this demo video you can see a short introduction to the Valispace engineering software. The example shows a hypothetical design of a car, but any hardware product you want can be modeled in a similar way!

Valispace is used by companies, such as:

OHB System
Ripple Aerospace

Live Demo

We are proud to announce that you can now try out Valispace yourself.

Just fill out the information below and we will provide you with a login to our free live demo!

About Us

The Valispace team is composed of three experienced space engineers who are tired of working with thousands of inconsistent documents and seeing endless amounts of money being wasted on inefficient engineering.

The same way SAP has in the past decades revolutionized business-processes and GitHub has revolutionized collaborative software-engineering, Valispace aims to revolutionize the hardware engineering-process, increasing thereby significantly the productivity of high-tech-industries.

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