Develop better products. Together.

Valispace is a browser-based software that enables engineers to collaboratively design better satellites, rockets and other complex hardware products.

Consistent engineering data. Always.

Always work with the latest, synchronized values across your team. When values depend on each other, updating one is sufficient so that all others are recalculated and kept up to date.


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component tree

Store your engineering data

Keep track of any design parameter as single values or matrices, and make changes as needed. Store required, designed or measured data: mass, power-consumption, bit-rates, throughputs, velocities, etc. of your product and order these values by attaching them to a component in your component-tree.

formula connecting values

Connect data with formulas

Data is connected using formulas. All values are updated autonomously when an input value changes throughout the system and keeps track of the value-history for you. If you use a component twice (or hundreds of times), you only have to maintain its properties once.

margins and uncertainties

Manage margins and uncertainties

Do you sometimes wonder how much margin is contained/hidden inside your design? Valispace calculates the the total margin and worst case values, showing the effect of margins on all levels of your design.

autonomously updated document

Documentation how it should be done.

All your documentation is kept in line with your design automatically. Has anybody updated the design description, the user manual, the simulation report and the mass budget with the newest values? Valispace just took care of that for you. Within seconds.

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use of variable in text

Use any value inside any report / analysis / document

Just start typing the name of any variable in a report. It will be autocompleted for you. From now on never again worry about this value: Valispace will keep it up to date for you whenever it changes.

engineering budget

Automatically generated engineering budgets

Powerbudgets, massbudgets, linkbudgets and other data overviews are generated directly from your engineering data. No need to spend hours gathering the latest inputs, because Valispace keeps them automatically always up to date.

Valispace MS Word and Excel Plugin

Integrates with Word and Excel files

Valispace plugins for Word and Excel connect existing documents to the Valispace database. One click is sufficient to update all values in your document.

Full visibility of what is happening

Instead of chasing information, Valispace brings the most important news to you: notifications when critical parts of your design have been changed by a team-member.

notification bell

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subscribe button

Subscribe to the values you are interested in

Valispace provides you with a notification when a value changes. You are a power-engineer? Subscribe to the power values of your system and you will never again miss important changes made by your team-members.

value history plot

Clear overview of trends

Historical data and a change log give you full visibility of how your design has evolved over time, even through complex interactions between values.


Give read access

People outside of your engineering team want to be kept up to date with the design? Maybe even your management or customers? Give them read-only access and avoid writing extensive reports and slides.

software integration overview

Integrates into your engineering flow

Valispace is complementary to your existing tools: The results of simulations and detailed analysis can be stored. Requirements from your requirement-tracing tool are automatically checked against the design. Documents which are generated with Valispace can be stored and baselined in your PDM/PLM or document management system.

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import/export definition

Stop chasing the input data to your simulations

You can define exports, which contain all up-to-date data you need for your simulation in Matlab, Simulink, ESATAN, etc. Results can be re-imported into Valispace with a single click.

requirement check

Are you still in spec?

Valispace continuously checks whether your critical values (mass, power-consumption, etc.) are in line with your specifications and notifies you when this changes.

PDF Document Export for datapacks

Export documents when you need them

Create PDF documents on demand, whenever you need to issue one for your data-package, customer, supplier, or others. Then store and configure them safely in your PLM/PDM system.

Save time and money

Hardware engineering is expensive. But that does not mean you should lose money on avoidable mistakes and risk your schedule because of the lack of a suitable collaboration tool for your engineers. Excel is not enough to build satellites.

wasted time and money

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save money

Save >10% of your project costs

Our research has shown that the typical tasks of an engineering team can be made significantly more efficient by providing it with consistent data and notifying it about changes. The time of your most valuable engineers should not be wasted by updating documents and engineering-budgets or searching for the correct values.


Prevent costly mistakes due to engineering data inconsistencies

Stop paying for preventable mistakes. Different versions of data have been costing millions in space programs around the world and some data inconsistencies have made entire programs fail. It lies in your hands to improve the quality of your engineering by providing your team with the adequate tools.

team collaboration with Valispace

Develop your products faster with efficient collaboration

Excel engineering is not anymore state of the art and it has never been a great way for teams of engineers to collaborate. Get a demo account to see for yourself what modern collaborative engineering looks and feels like.

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Valispace is used by companies, such as:

OHB System
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