Browser-based collaborative engineering.

Valispace is a browser-based software that enables engineers to collaboratively develop better satellites, rockets and other complex hardware products.

Consistent engineering data. Always.

Always work with the latest, synchronized values across your team. When values depend on each other, updating one is sufficient so that all others are recalculated and kept up to date.


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component tree

Store your engineering data

Keep track of any design parameter as single values or matrices, and make changes as needed. Store required, designed or measured data: mass, power-consumption, bit-rates, throughputs, velocities, etc. of your product and order these values by attaching them to a component in your component-tree.

formula connecting values

Connect data with formulas

Data is connected using formulas. All values are updated autonomously when an input value changes throughout the system and keeps track of the value-history for you. If you use a component twice (or hundreds of times), you only have to maintain its properties once.

margins and uncertainties

Manage margins and uncertainties

Do you sometimes wonder how much margin is contained/hidden inside your design? Valispace calculates the total margin and worst case values, showing the effect of margins on all levels of your design.

autonomously updated document

Documentation how it should be done.

All your documentation is kept in line with your design automatically. Has anybody updated the design description, the user manual, the simulation report and the mass budget with the newest values? Valispace just took care of that for you. Within seconds.

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use of variable in text

Use any value inside any report / analysis / document

Just start typing the name of any variable in a report. It will be autocompleted for you. From now on never again worry about this value: Valispace will keep it up to date for you whenever it changes.

engineering budget

Automatically generated engineering budgets

Powerbudgets, massbudgets, linkbudgets and other data overviews are generated directly from your engineering data. No need to spend hours gathering the latest inputs, because Valispace keeps them automatically always up to date.

Valispace MS Word and Excel Plugin

Integrates with Word and Excel files

Valispace plugins for Word and Excel connect existing documents to the Valispace database. One click is sufficient to update all values in your document.

Full visibility of what is happening

Instead of chasing information, Valispace brings the most important news to you: notifications when critical parts of your design have been changed by a team-member.

notification bell

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subscribe button

Subscribe to the values you are interested in

Valispace provides you with a notification when a value changes. You are a power-engineer? Subscribe to the power values of your system and you will never again miss important changes made by your team-members.

value history plot

Clear overview of trends

Historical data and a change log give you full visibility of how your design has evolved over time, even through complex interactions between values.


Give read access

People outside of your engineering team want to be kept up to date with the design? Maybe even your management or customers? Give them read-only access and avoid writing extensive reports and slides.

software integration overview

Integrates into your engineering flow

Valispace is complementary to your existing tools: The results of simulations and detailed analysis can be stored. Requirements from your requirement-tracing tool are automatically checked against the design. Documents which are generated with Valispace can be stored and baselined in your PDM/PLM or document management system.

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import/export definition

Stop chasing the input data to your simulations

You can define exports, which contain all up-to-date data you need for your simulation in Matlab, Simulink, ESATAN, etc. Results can be re-imported into Valispace with a single click.

requirement check

Are you still in spec?

Valispace continuously checks whether your critical values (mass, power-consumption, etc.) are in line with your specifications and notifies you when this changes.

PDF Document Export for datapacks

Export documents when you need them

Create PDF documents on demand, whenever you need to issue one for your data-package, customer, supplier, or others. Then store and configure them safely in your PLM/PDM system.

Save time and money

Hardware engineering is expensive. But that does not mean you should lose money on avoidable mistakes and risk your schedule because of the lack of a suitable collaboration tool for your engineers. Excel is not enough to build satellites.

wasted time and money

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save money

Save >10% of your project costs

Our research has shown that the typical tasks of an engineering team can be made significantly more efficient by providing it with consistent data and notifying it about changes. The time of your most valuable engineers should not be wasted by updating documents and engineering-budgets or searching for the correct values.


Prevent costly mistakes due to engineering data inconsistencies

Stop paying for preventable mistakes. Different versions of data have been costing millions in space programs around the world and some data inconsistencies have made entire programs fail. It lies in your hands to improve the quality of your engineering by providing your team with the adequate tools.

team collaboration with Valispace

Develop your products faster with efficient collaboration

Excel engineering is not anymore state of the art and it has never been a great way for teams of engineers to collaborate. Get a demo account to see for yourself what modern collaborative engineering looks and feels like.

What is Valispace used for?


Automatically generate and maintain your engineering budgets, such as mass budget, power budget, link budget, data budget, and pointing budget.

  • Budgets are always up-to-date
  • Addition, deletion and modification of components is reflected in budget
  • Includes tracking of margins
  • Mode dependent engineering budgets
  • Visual graphical breakdowns
mass budget
connector description

Interface Management

Manage all non-CAD interfaces, such as electrical interfaces, data interfaces (data rates etc.), thermal interfaces, and mechanical properties (flatness etc.).

  • Model interfaces down to the pin
  • Single source of truth for interface data, always up-to-date
  • Visibility on where interfaces are used
  • Automatic update of related analyses when interface is updated
  • Automatic conversion of engineering units (e.g. ft, m, cm, mm) in formulas

Documentation Consistency

Automatically maintain consistency across Valispace, Word, Excel. Word analysis are automatically kept in sync with the database values. Outputs of a calculation in Excel can be directly stored in Valispace and update the design.

  • Parameters in all views reference the same single-source-of-truth
  • Modifications of parameters are instantly updated in all analyses
  • Plugins are available to extend the consistency to classical documents
  • Even external simulations can be kept up to date with the Matlab plug-in
concurrent design facility
concurrent design facility

Concurrent Design

Use Valispace as the main software in a Concurrent Design Facility (CDF). Follow Concurrent Engineering (CE) methodology applied, for example, by NASA and ESA. Model satellites, rockets, drones, ships, submarines, and powerplants. Quickly iterate over design options and see the impact immediately.

  • Connect up to several hundred users simultaneously
  • Work with all engineers on one single model of your product
  • Impacts of update of parameters ripple through the complete design within seconds
  • Model all non-CAD data in one single place
  • Receive notifications about changes that affect your discipline

Requirements Tracking

Track your design against your critical requirements, such as weight, CoG, power consumption, and pointing requirements.

  • Specify min and max requirements for each value
  • Include margins when checking against requirements
  • Get notified when a value is out of specification
  • Add simple text requirements to components
  • Use tags to specify status of text requirement
  • Use the Valispace API to link parametric requirements to external tools (e.g. Jama, Doors)
requirement warning

Online Demo

You want to know what the future of engineering looks like? Try it out yourself!


You can find the documentation page here.

Valispace is used by companies, such as:

Gomspace A/S
Ripple Aerospace

What people say about us


  • What is Valispace?

    Valispace is a browser-based software to store and organize your engineering design parameters in one single place. Engineers can work together in real-time on the platform to design hardware products. Your product and subsystems are saved as models with values that are connected through formulas so that your design is always up-to-date when any value changes.
  • How do I install Valispace?

    Valispace doesn’t require any installation on your computer. We will set up your Valispace platform for you (in the cloud or on a local server) and after that it can be accessed from any computer via the web browser.
  • In which project phase can I use Valispace?

    Valispace can be used throughout the project lifecycle. You can start with a conceptual design and model more details as the project evolves. With Valispace, you don’t have to change tools or loose data between project phases.
  • How is Valispace different from a spreadsheet?

    In contrast to spreadsheets, the values in Valispace are stored and connected in a database. Valispace is a tool for model-based engineering as opposed to document based engineering. Some benefits of Valispace are:
    • All data stored in one database
    • Graphical representation of complete system
    • Linked data that is easy to navigate
    • Data attributes stored in models
    • Advanced searches and queries
    • Traceability of data changes and history
    • Notifications on changes and requirements violations
  • Which other software does Valispace interface to?

    For now, Valispace has plugins for Word, Excel and Matlab. Valispace also has a standard REST API, so customers can build their own plugins and integrations to custom tools.
  • Can I download my data?

    Yes, all data from the Valispace database can be downloaded in JSON format.
  • Can I still use my old documents?

    With our Word plugin, you can start substituting values in your documents for dynamic fields to keep your old documents up-to-date. This will ensure that, as you work in Valispace, changes will propagate also to your legacy documents. All new data can be stored directly in the Valispace database to be more easily managed.
  • Can Valispace be used offline?

    To use the cloud version of Valispace, you must have access to the internet. If you have Valispace installed on a local server you can access it on the local network without internet access.
  • Can I model electrical circuits/PCB designs?

    Valispace is not a PCB design tool, but pins and interfaces can be modeled as parts of your product. Valispace will in the future integrate with common PCB design tools to ensure consistency in your design.
  • What is the difference between Valispace and a PLM system?

    PLM systems also help coping with increasing complexity and engineering challenges, but focus on CAD data. Valispace is a platform for all non-CAD data, such as power consumptions, data rates, timings, etc. Instead of saving these data in documents, Valispace provides a central database where all values can be stored. Valispace can integrate with PLM tools to ensure consistent values across the tools.
  • Does Valispace include a part catalog?

    For now, Valispace doesn’t include a default part catalog, but it’s easy to build up your own catalog of parts to re-use in your designs and share with other teams.


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