The productivity tool for your engineers

Speed up complex hardware development

Valispace streamlines the flow of dynamic engineering data that’s central to hardware development

Get rid of the drag in your hardware engineering project

There’s hardly a product development project that isn’t delayed, over budget, or all over the place.

The reason: at its heart is a complex set of data, which, in most organisations, still doesn’t have a digital home. And when dozens of engineers have to manage dynamic data in disparate documents or with homegrown systems, your project suffers – in terms of time, quality, cost – and your valuable talent wasting time on the wrong things.

Valispace helps your engineers escape from document hell. It brings all of your ‘loose’ engineering data into one central place and helps you streamline your engineers’ efforts from concept to test. And that slashes development time, boosts quality, and cuts costs across all your projects.

Along the Lifecycle

Applications from Requirements Engineering, through Detailed Design up to Testing and Documentation

Multi User Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration inside and across teams, even with suppliers and customers

Secure deployment

Valispace can be securely deployed online or on-premise on your own servers

Use Cases

Concurrent Design
Digitization of Requirements
Integration of the Engineering Toolchain
Single Source of Truth
Engineering Workflow Automation
Agile Engineering Planning (AEP)

Give your team a single place to collaborate to see them flourish when working on their shared ideas and realities.

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“Valispace has become the reference for all technical data for the complete mission. We are able to clearly track on a daily basis the current design status.”

Jeroen ​​Buursink – Head of Microsatellite Department at OHB LuxSpace

Bring your static requirements to life.

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“Of all the software-based environments we tested, we were most impressed by Valispace”

Olivier de Weck – Senior VP and Head of Technology Planning at AIRBUS

Remove human error from the equation, with end-to-end traceability throughout the tools you use.

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“We see Valispace as the first major step into digitizing our entire engineering toolchain. By the end of that activity, we believe we will easily save 30% of our time, or even more.”

Jeroen Buursink – Head of Microsatellite Department at OHB LuxSpace

One team. Many challenges. One place to store your data.

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Valispace provides us with a Single Source of Truth and nicely structured database for our engineering projects. We love the ability to track project requirements and automatically verify them based on a clear model of our spacecraft.

Sam Avery – Systems Engineer at Momentus

Allow your team to execute repetitive tasks faster and with less errors.

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“What we are using valispace for is the central core database of parameters, so everyone’s always using the same.”

Andrew Bacon – CEO at Space Forge

Do not simply follow a plan, participate in making a better plan.

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We chose Valispace as a crucial building block to allow for forward-looking planning within [automotive OEM] and to help us to reduce the time from mock-up to the final car.

Process Engineer for Vehicle Development at automotive OEM


Requirements Breakdown

Concurrent Design

Test Procedure Management

Trade-offs Analysis

Change History Tracking

Understanding the hierarchy of requirements has never been this easy.

Keeping full traceability as you easily break down your requirements

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Giving your team a single place to collaborate.

Create early phase designs in days instead of weeks and place prototypes in customers’ hands in weeks instead of months

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Manage all your test procedures in one place.

Get quick overviews and status matrices by having test procedures, requirements and verifications all in the same tool

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Explore all design options, and make smart choices between them.

Retrieve all informations about decisions and choices including reasoning, time and user specifics via history tracking; ensuring no ambiguity in the future


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Better traceability with change tracking and history.

Refer back easily to changes made when and by whom, as well as the full repercussions on the design

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