Requirements Engineering

Complex products often have a variety of requirements coming from different stakeholders.

With the right tool, the interaction between requirements, design, production and testing changes from time-consuming overhead to a confidence building tool for every project.

Import from Excel and DOORS
Easy Visualization
Automatic Verification
Review Requirements

Start immediately with your existing requirements from Excel and DOORS.

Valispace allows for easy querying and visualization of requirements and dependencies.

Keep track of the rationale and the history of any requirements.

Automatically verify your requirements against your design and tests.

With automatic verification of requirements it’s easier than ever to ensure compliance with international standards for quality and safety.

When testing requirements, relevant engneers are notified when a requirement connected to a value is automatically verified.

Review requirements, comment on them within your team and assign tasks directly in Valispace.

Design reviews can be done continuosly, fully digitally, directly in Valispace, and reused as a baseline to show the evolution of your project.

In Valispace you’ll have a full overview of your review and progress at any time.

Immediately reference requirements in your test specifications.

Update values from your tests into the database with a single click or through API automation.

Valispace gives you an overview of:

  • how many requirements still need to be tested;
  • how many requirements are not connected to a check;
  • how many checks are not connected to a requirement.

Having an easy and automated way to connect documents with checklists to requirements and verifications save huge amounts of time of these engineers.

What Engineers are saying....

“Instead of reviewing the design only during rigid milestones dates, we try to give access to the design at any point in time and exchange data more fluently, which enables everyone to be on the same page at any time and effectively contribute to the product development.”

Stefano Redi
Systems Engineer at Luxspace

“We did our review of user requirements directly in Valispace. Did you imagine that requirements engineering can really be fun again?!”

Thomas Grüber
Co-founder of Ororatech / Forbes 30 under 30
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