Valispace is the data-driven engineering tool

In an age of huge amounts of data, it's the companies that structure their data and extract knowledge from it that will survive and thrive.

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Throughout the development lifecycle of a project, Valispace increases the efficiency of the overall team.


Connect to your existing workflow

By importing data from Excel, Word or your CAD system, you are up and running in minutes. Updates are automatically shared with other tools through Valispace’s Word and Excel plugins, and our REST and Python API.

Structured data

Data-driven engineering

Valispace focusses on your engineering data, and has a simple model to structure it. Compared to traditional Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), this provides 80% of its benefits for less than 10% of the investment, and drastically lowers the need for initial set-up and training.

Knowledge exchange

Modern ways of connecting

Instead of exchanging emails and presentations, document your design and analysis directly in Valispace. Create insight and oversight through formulas, graphs and tables. Store and document the full lifecycle of decisions and discussions.

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Requirements engineering without the burden

With the right tool, the interaction between requirements, design, production and testing changes from time-consuming overhead to an enabler for building a strong confidence in the product.

Start immediately with your existing requirements from DOORS or Excel. Visualize requirement dependencies. Keep track of the rationale and the history of any requirement. Requirements are automatically verified against your design and test results.


Always up to date

With a structured data storage in place, many engineering operations can be automated. From unit conversion to margin tracking, requirement verification and many more. Manual operations can be replaced by scripting your custom business logic. Advanced design optimization allows for entirely new insights.

Build up your own catalog of reusable components, or import from SatSearch

Unleash the power of statistical margin algorithms

Abolish unit conversion errors with automatic conversion

Always up to date status of how your design performs versus its requirements

Implement custom business logic through Python scripts