Our Principles


Valispace’s vision is to empower engineers to develop great products.

We hold a core belief that technology has in the past vastly improved people’s lives and will do so even more in the future. Therefore, everything we do at Valispace aims at accelerating the path to that future, in which humanity as a whole benefit from technological advances.


We are highly aware that some technologies have the potential to cause direct harm to humans or put humanity as a whole at risk. Lawfulness prevents the implementation and application of some of those, however, we believe in corporate responsibility that emphasises the peaceful application of technology.


Resulting Valispace Principles


We only provide Valispace software to entities that develop products that comply with international law and human rights. We reserve the right to cancel any contract with entities that have violated such laws.

Peaceful applications

We do not provide the Valispace software to projects that develop weapon systems.

We define weapon systems as:

  • Objects or processes that are designed, or mainly used to inflict bodily harm or physical damage
  • Subsystems of weapons or objects with the main purpose of handling weapons

As our experience in drawing clear lines deepens, this list may evolve.

For inquiries please contact us at principles@valispace.com

Last updated: 22.11.2018