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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Duro, the pioneer in enterprise SaaS for managing hardware data, today announced an integration with Valispace, a Data Driven Systems Engineering (DDSE) software company that is trusted by customers such as Airbus, BMW, and Nanoracks. This integration will allow for simpler data collaboration amongst hardware engineers so that they are always aligned on both functional and manufacturing requirements.

Even in 2021, hardware engineering teams struggle to stay on the same page as the manufacturing industry holds on to outdated data management practices and technologies. Countless hours are spent manually validating Computer-aided design (CAD) files and spreadsheets across directories and emails, which causes fragmentation and errors that are costly and time-consuming to fix.

Enter Duro and Valispace: this new cloud-based integration will provide a 100% digitized and automated management of functional and manufacturing requirements all in one place. Real-time validations will track changes made to bill of materials (BOM) and supply chain data to ensure hardware designs stay in compliance. This full transparency across all teams allows users to catch any issues in early development cycles giving ample time to respond before going into production. Requirements validations are automatically run at both data entry and engineering change order (ECO) workflows, meaning only the most accurate, highest quality of data is going in and out of an ecosystem.

“When engineers develop hardware, they constantly worry about how to check whether their CAD design is actually in line with the requirements and design parameters they are working against,” said Marco Witzmann, CEO of Valispace. “Partnering with Duro allows us to help customers close the gap between those worlds. We’re looking forward to giving back engineers thousands of hours of their lives that they would otherwise be spending on copy-pasting data or correcting inconsistencies.”

Founded by CEO Michael Corr and CCO Kellan O’Connor in 2017, Duro continues to rapidly build a passionate customer base of innovative companies such as Momentus, Arevo, Sphero, Rapid Robotics, Eight Sleep and more. Consistently ranked as a High Performer by G2, the largest B2B software review site, the company is praised for its fast and easy implementation, intuitive and agile workflows, customizable features, and top-tier customer support.

“We’re proud to announce our newest integration with Valispace,” said Michael Corr, CEO of Duro. “This partnership just made sense. Valispace is a company that aligns with our core mission to modernize antiquated technology so that hardware engineers’ lives become easier. Hardware product development is burdened by too many costly manual processes. This integration is a step in the right direction towards a completely automated and agile workflow.”

To learn more about Duro, visit www.durolabs.co.

About Duro
Duro is a B2B enterprise cloud software platform that is empowering the next generation of hardware teams in the era of agile development. The company leverages software automation to increase workforce productivity and reduce the risks inherent in engineering and manufacturing hardware products. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the award-winning company was founded by Michael Corr and Kellan O’Connor. Duro is helping companies like Sphero, Arevo, and Rapid Robotics innovate better and faster. Learn more at durolabs.co.

About Valispace
Valispace is a browser-based software allowing engineers to collaboratively develop better complex hardware products, including rockets, satellites, airplanes and cars. It serves as a Single Source of Truth and allows engineers to store data and collaborate along the engineering life-cycle, all the way from requirements, through detailed design up to verification and testing. Valispace is used by companies such as Airbus, ESA, Momentus, ispace, Masten, etc. and has been named in Forbes as one of Germany’s 100 most innovative Startups 2018, featured in Wired and TechCrunch and won multiple startup awards. For more information, visit valispace.com.

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