Data Driven Engineering

Manage your engineering data in a Single Source of Truth during all phase and connect all of your existing simulations to that central data storage.

Detailed Design and Simulations
Import your Models
Plugins, Add-ons and Integrations

Build upon design results and start detailing susbsystems, analyse and perform trade-offs.

Connect to simulations and requirements, identify the gaps in your design.

An Octave simulator is built into Valispace for advanced calculations that can be automatically triggered.

Import existing parts from Satsearch as well as models and constants from a dedicated Valispace component catalog.


Easy to connect through integrations with STK and Matlab, and many other simulations tolls through the Valispace Python and Rest API.

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Keeping an overview has never been easier.

By using Valispace in your team, you increase transparency both for yourself and the team.

Technical Overview
Automation of engineering operations

Data is immediately digitized for day-to-day use and preparing for future reusability of project data.

Each team member has access to the right information at the right time.

Prepare data to be used within the project as well as in future projects.

Marging, tracking, requirement verification and countless more manual operations are fully configurable through scripts and are fully integrated within the landscape of engineering tools.

What Engineers are saying...

“Valispace has become the reference for all technical data for the complete mission. We are able to clearly track on a daily basis the current design status.”

Jeroen Buursink
Chief Engineer at Luxspace

“Using Valispace gives us a clear snapshot of our spacecraft, makes sure everything is up to date and significantly decreases my stress levels.”

Ben Howard
Chief Spacecraft Architect at Planet Labs
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