How cutting-edge companies are using Valispace

Featured customers

Airbus uses Valispace to create technology roadmaps

Industry: Aerospace
Location: Toulouse, France
Employees: 1000+


Technology roadmapping is typically done based on experience and intuition. It can be made far more meaningful by taking evidence-based decisions. Key to generating meaningful insights is the ability to map connections between technologies, for which Valispace has proven to be an ideal tool.

These technology insights do not only help making R&D funding decisions, but also provide a key tool for monitoring technological progress and to react to unforeseen breakthroughs or delays.

“As we decide on which research and technology priorities to pursue, we need to make technical and financial decisions very quickly. Of all the software-based environments we tested, we were most impressed by Valispace.

Olivier de Weck, Senior Vice President and Head of Technology Planning at Airbus

GOMspace makes fast design iterations with Valispace

Industry: Aerospace
Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Employees: 200


Customizing and combining existing designs is key to setting up new projects quickly and write proposals in an efficient way. GOMspace has set up a catalog of known systems and subsystems inside Valispace, through which they are able to drag and drop these into new products. Valispace automatically generates the correct technical budgets, avoiding countless hours of copy-paste work in Excel.

“It’s the new tool for New Space and has improved our engineering process by cutting the Excel time.”

Matteo Emanuelli – Systems Engineer at GOMspace