The world’s most innovative hardware companies use Valispace to keep complexity under control.


Valispace has become the reference for all technical data for Triton-X mission

Industry: Space
Location: Betzdorf, Luxembourg
Employees: 60+


At LuxSpace, the knowledge and quality from the established space industry is combined with the benefits of New Space, such as low cost, short delivery times and high flexibility, without compromising on reliability.

This is where Valispace comes into place: Valispace has become the reference for all technical data for the complete mission, including for the multi-platform approach. The engineering team is now able to keep all engineering budgets in a single place and clearly track on a daily basis the current design status.

“We see Valispace as the first major step into digitizing our entire engineering toolchain. By the end of that activity, we believe we will easily save 30% of our time, or even more with the data-driven engineering approach.”

 Stefano Redi – Systems Engineer 

Jeroen Buursink – Chief Engineer

GOMspace makes fast design iterations with Valispace

Industry: Aerospace
Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Employees: 200


Customizing and combining existing designs is key to setting up new projects quickly and write proposals in an efficient way. GOMspace has set up a catalog of known systems and subsystems inside Valispace, through which they are able to drag and drop these into new products. Valispace automatically generates the correct technical budgets, avoiding countless hours of copy-paste work in Excel.

“It’s the new tool for New Space and has improved our engineering process by cutting the Excel time.”

Matteo Emanuelli – Systems Engineer at GOMspace

Nonprofit Spaceship: agile aerospace approach to building a small spacecraft

Industry: Space
Location:  San Francisco, USA
Employees: 10


Nonprofit Spaceship is undertaking a series of space science and exploration missions that are accomplished via small spacecraft and their engineering team aims to work with companies with a“agile aerospace philosophy”.

With Valispace the engineers have been able to implement a flexible workflow by collaborating on the same platform. Due to the multiple ways of accessing the information, the team tracks the project’s evolution by instantly adapting to any change when they’re notified of the new values.


“It’s funny: I do not think of Valispace so much as a time-saving tool, but rather is a way to avoid a feeling of panic in my chest all the time. Don’t get me wrong: I am sure it will save time, but having a clear snapshot of the spacecraft that I can be confident is up to date decreases my stress levels significantly.”

Benjamin Howard – Engineer

Ororatech discovers their passion for requirements engineering with Valispace

Industry: Space
Location:  Munich, Germany
Employees: 15+


Ororatech decided in favor of a cloud software approach from day 1 after realizing that tracking requirements in Excel / CSV and make Power budget calculations in Excel and Matlab by one single person wasn’t enabling them to work efficiently.

Now that they’ve implemented Valispace’s collaborative platform, everybody can work together at any time on anything. Since the team started working with our software, they’ve noticed an increased development speed and ability to change and adapt to the projects’ needs.

“Since we have implemented Valispace, we were able to structure our satellite development without leaving the charm of Google Docs.

We did our review of user requirements directly in Valispace. Did you imagine that requirements engineering can really be fun again?!”

Thomas Grübler – Co-founder

& Managing Director at Ororatech

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