Concurrent Design Engineering

With Valispace, you can simultaneously connect your entire team to one design platform where design variables from all disciplines are stored.

Connect Data
Receive Updates and Notifications
Generate Documents & Budgets

All data points can be connected through formulas, allowing for changes to propagate automatically.

When design variables change, Valispace send out real-time updates and notifications, as well as tracebacks.

Automatically generated engineering budgets keep you up to date, even between different design choices that you’re assessing.

Documentation is updated automatically and simulations run again.

When writing proposals Valispace allows to quickly drag and drop your text, values, tables and charts.

What Engineers are saying...

“The workflow and tools in Valispace are clearly thought through by aerospace engineers and by people who have been encountering the same problems themselves and wanting to fix them”

Ben Howard
Chief Spacecraft Architect at Planet Labs

“It’s the new tool for New Space and has improved our engineering process by cutting the Excel time.”

Matteo Emanuelli
Systems Engineer at GOMspace
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