Friday the 1st of March the Moonbase Workshop was given at the Técnico Lisboa (IST) in collaboration with AeroTéc for the Aerospace Week 2019. In this week, students get to know different companies acting in the aerospace industry, see how they operate and also get to learn a thing or
A guide through the Hardware Engineering Tool Landscape 2019 In an era of “digitization”, “smart factories” and everything “4.0”, it is hard to keep an overview over the evolving engineering tool landscape for hardware development. This blog post starts with a look at the three types of data that are
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Are you new to satellite engineering and want to learn more about how to design the Electrical Power Subsystem, Communication Link and Thermal Control System? At Valispace we are developing a detailed satellite model to share with our users and along with it we have written down these sizing and design
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In this article our summer intern Carlos describes how he modeled, analyzed and improved the design of a quadcopter with Valispace: I was interested in modeling and calculating the performance and endurance of a quadcopter performing wind turbine blade inspections. These kind of calculations and analysis are necessary to make
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Valispace 2.0 is here

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We’re feeling refreshed! As the team grows we start asking ourselves tough questions to make sure we’re moving in the right direction. This is why our team has spent the last few months figuring out the pillars in which we sustain our values and ambitions by answering three important questions:
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