Connected copies

This feature remembers which components belong together and keeps track of their consistency for you.

Connect components

Right-click on any Component to create a copy of it. All changes which you make to this component (Values, sub components, etc.) will have an effect on all of its newly created copies, as long as they are connected.

connected copy

You can see which component are connected at the top of a component page:

connected list

Valis of connected component are automatically connected.

Disconnecting Components and Valis

You can at any time disconnect a Vali or an entire component, by clicking on the link symbol connection symbol beside its name. Disconnecting specific Valis lets you trace components which are almost the same. All other Valis inof the same component will still be connected.

Reconnecting Valis

If you decide to reconnect a Vali which you have previous disconnected, you can do that by clicking on the re-connection button reconnect button, which appears next to the subscription button for disconnected Valis.

Connected Copy Logic

The following chapter is meant as a look-up, if you would like to know how Valispace behaves in edge-cases, before you apply the change.

A short in-depth overview of the connected-copy behaviour for advanced users


  • If you create a copy of a component, the two components and all of their valis are connected.
  • If the component has child-components, these are also copied and connected
  • If you disconnect a component, all of its Valis are also disconnected.


  • If the value of a Vali is changed to a number, all connected Valis will be updated with the same value
  • Self-references (a Vali referencing another Vali of its own connected component) are maintained for connected Valis (they will also reference another Vali of their own component).

Disconnecting Valis:

  • If a Vali is disconnected, no change is applied to its value.
  • If you had three Valis which were connected and you disconnect one, the other Valis still are connected.

Reconnecting Valis:

  • If you reconnect a Vali to a Group of connected Valis, it will receive the value of the other (already connected) Valis
  • If you reconnect a Vali for which no Group of currently connected Valis exist, all previously disconnected Valis are re-connected and receive the value of the Vali you just re-connected.